April 29, 2016

Why You Should Hire A Professional Marketing Copywriter

If you’ve read my last post, you know the basics about what a copywriter does…but maybe you aren’t quite convinced of the benefits of actually hiring one. At least not yet….

Here are the top 5 reasons that you should have a professional marketing copywriter on speed dial:

1. You do you. Please ignore that this is a term which gained popularity from an awful New Jersey-based reality show. Typically, my literary mind would give the figurative side-eye to phrases coined by a girl named Snooki…but to everything, there is a season…. turn, turn, turn. The moral of the story: You do what you’re great at, and I’ll do what I’m great at. (Together, we’ll join forces empowering entrepreneurs around the world! Yeah!)

2. Where has the time gone? Hey, maybe you’re actually a fabulous writer…I would even make a pretty hefty wager that you are. Afterall, you don’t become a successful entrepreneur by cutting corners and being sloppy.

But…just because you can write, doesn’t mean you should. As a busy business owner, there are only so many hours in a day. Why waste them on something that can be easily outsourced to a professional copywriter?

copywriters vow

Your Facebook page might even have a few shared images that look something like this…

3.  Trust me, I’m a pro. First and foremost, professional copywriters can churn out content that would take you much, much longer to complete. I can write industry white papers, rewrite your website copy, draft employee newsletters, conduct research, source images, provide infographics, optimize your content for SEO, and even conduct interviews! Even if you did take on the writing component of your business- besides wasting hours of your precious time- you’d be left wondering if you missed any sneaky little errors, properly cited your sources, or clearly communicated your message to your target audience.

4. Just do it. If you really, really, really have your heart set on writing for your business, do it! It’s your company. You started your business to do what makes your heart sing and, if hiring a writer means you can’t do what you love, then don’t hire one. Instead, consider partnering with an editor for now. Then, if down the line your business totally blows up, and you’re absolutely forced to outsource some pieces, you’ll already have a partner who knows your business inside and out.

5. Keep things in perspective. Hiring a copywriter with substantial experience in marketing can have a huge impact on your business and introduce an invaluable, outside perspective. You might have a clear understanding of your product, service, company, or competitive advantage in your own mind, but it might not be resonating with your target market.

Hiring a marketing copywriter is an investment that can boost your biz, drive more leads to your website, and help you to protect your most valuable resource- TIME!