cheapskate guide to philly

November 18, 2015

Visit Philly On the Cheap

Lucky for me, I live in one of the greatest cities on earth. Lucky for you, I write about it.

A city alive buzzing with brotherly love. A city that embraces the arts, that drips with history, and that is evolving and advancing a bit more each and every day. We are on the verge of something incredible- walk down a city sidewalk, you can feel it all around you… just like electricity snapping through this blustery  November air.

A decade of living in Philadelphia has given me a pretty comprehensive perspective on the city. I’ve experienced the city as a broke college student, as a single gal in a studio apartment, and, in my latest reincarnation, as a full-fledged adult. (I suppose…) I’ve lived on Broad Street, in Rittenhouse Square, next to the Art Museum, in Manayunk, on South Street, and I’ve been to every neighborhood in between.

If you fancy a visit, I am the perfect person to ask for recommendations. (Really, ask me anything- your virtual tour guide is only an email away!) I’m a local! I’ve been to the best restaurants, I know the hidden hotspots, I’ve perfected the weekend staycation, heck, I even write the Philly PR Girl Neighborhood Spotlight.

But until now, I hadn’t written a guide specifically targeted at doing Philly on the cheap. Today, through my partnership with Philly PR Girl and the suggestions of our awesome team of ladies, I had the honor of being published on Yes and Yes– an awesome lifestyle blog written by the very talented Sarah von Bargen.

And now, there’s no excuse. If you’ve ever wanted to visit Philly or just need a staycation to shake things up, take our advice to get the most bang for your buck. I promise you’ll never actually feel like a cheapskate- these are some of my favorite places in the city regardless of the price.

And now, without further ado, I introduce the Cheapskate Guide to Philadelphia. Enjoy!


Think we’ve missed one? What’s your favorite cheapskate spot in the city?