The Buzz:

Maybe we’ve already had the pleasure of meeting in real life….but, for most of you, I’m a perfect stranger. There’s absolutely no way you could predict what it’s like to work with me… at least not with much certainty. I don’t expect you to take my word for it, so here’s what people are saying:

Jillian is a highly creative writer.  She joined my blog contributor team and her pieces needed little to no editing.  In fact, she’s my go-to writer and freelancer.  I love her positive attitude and ability to finish on time and meet every deadline.

"Kate Marlys, Owner, Philly PR Girl "

Jillian is such a rockstar! Not only is she a delight to work with but her work product is outstanding. Jillian is a fantastic writer and is reliable. She delivers every project on time and on budget. I’m thrilled that she is part of our extended team.

"Jeff Gibbard, Owner, True Voice Media"

Jillian is a fantastically creative, consummate professional. She dedicates enormous time and effort to researching her subject matter in order to present a clear and intelligent understanding in her writing. There is an elegant and amiable way that she relates to whomever she’s working with, and she maintains a very high work ethic- which is reflected in how organized and communicative she is. On top of all that, she’s a great person to work with, and I would recommend her to anyone!

"Alyssa Lettman, Realtor, VERY Real Estate"

Jillian is amazing to work with. Her work ethic and integrity are beyond reproach. Jillian is very organized and thorough, has a boatload of energy, and is extremely upbeat and positive. She is a pleasure to work with, and I would highly recommend her!

"Jane Marie D'Amato, Owner, TNT Skincare"

I love working with Jillian! Not only is she always upbeat and charming, but her writing reflects this as well.  Jillian is driven and disciplined with her tasks and deadlines and is great at understanding expectations. Because my business is event-based, I needed a blogger that could emphasize the excitement and entertainment that is experienced at one of our events.  She was spot-on with capturing the attitude and emotion that I was hoping to achieve with our blogs and showcasing events to clients.  I couldn’t have been happier with the work she provided for us!

"Roxanne Worosz, Owner, Shutterbooth Philadelphia"

Jillian is our go-to resource for creative, original, and dynamic website content. I enjoy working with Jillian- she is a true professional who delivers on time and who is easy to work with. She exhibits a relentlessly positive and energetic approach to our projects, and we plan on working with her on many more!

"Denis Sinelnikov, Owner, Media Components LLC."

I have only worked with Jillian for about 6 months, but she already has written over 100 articles for my company, and has done several interviews with some of the industry leaders within my business! Her personality is well reflected in her writing, and all her work is a fun read.

"Igor Bogdanov, Owner, Webucast"

Jillian is awesome! She has written many pieces for my company, and some required a lot of research. All the content has a very professional flow, that is easy to read, but with great precision on the subject of the material. Pleasure to work with!

"Lana Maximova, Owner, RugsHQ.com"