Best of Philly 2015

August 8, 2015

The Best of The Best of Philly

I love lists. There’s something so definitive about ranking items in a concretely determined list of importance. Lucky for all of us so does Philly Magazine. They’re my go-to resource for the area’s best nightlife, restaurants, sporting events, and more. Not sure where to brunch this weekend? Philly Mag knows (and I can attest) that the bufala ricotta bruschetta at Amis is the best brunch dish in the city.

Need the latest update on the Papal visit? Yep, Philly Mag will keep you posted on all of the logistical details the city is facing in preparing for Pope Francis’ visit. From cultural trends to city planning and everything in between, Philly Mag has got you covered.

This year’s Best of Philly Soiree (an event celebrating- you guessed it, The Best of Philly!) was held in the very center of our beloved city at the fabulous Dilworth Park. Hosted, of course, by Philly Mag, the swanky open-air event truly showcased the very best that Philly has to offer in a glam night out under the stars.

If you’re itching for the inside scoop, check out my blog post on Philly PR Girl where I get a chance to list my favorites from the night!