July 7, 2015

My Path to Entrepreneurship

I’m not going to sugarcoat it: There was a time in my life where I was this close to going mental-institution-crazy if I had to work for my/a/any boss for one more second. At some point, at least for me, it was just bone-crushingly unbearable to live 40-60 hours a week to fueling someone else’s livelihood.

I started looking for a way out, a little bit of oxygenated hope that would help me to start breathing again…you know, give me a little space so that I could let my autonomic nervous system gear down out of the fight-or-flight response before my rampant anxiety fueled my own spontaneous combustion.

I was desperate and asking to do any type of mindless work that might pay a few bucks… walk people’s dogs, get their groceries, anything that could provide some source of income until I figured out which direction I should go in. I’m one of those annoyingly motivated people- being an unemployed thirty-something was not appealing to me in the slightest. I figured the cash would keep me from forfeiting every last bit of my dignity and, at least, I could avoid the complete misery of having no plan or purpose in sight.

Then, one day, someone told me that your greatest talents are those which you probably don’t even realize to be anything extraordinary- the things that you just assume everyone is good at because they come so naturally to you.

Before starting my company, I did some serious soul-searching to try to figure out where my true talent lies, and I can’t say it was easy. I tried to reflect on the things that I don’t have to work at, the things I excel at, the things I can do better than anyone else in my sleep….

When it came down to it, I was completely and utterly stumped. My mind was freakishly blank.

So, I did what any sane person would do- I asked my parents. After all, they’re the people who know me best and who’ve known me longest. Before I had even finished asking the question, they each casually rattled off a list of things that I had never even stopped to thoroughly consider before.

According to the two people who brought me into this world, I excel at the following things:

1.) Talking. A lot. About anything. With anyone.

2.) Giving advice. I have a strong opinion and a knack at persuading people to see things my way.

3.) Researching. My mom swears that there is never a question I can’t answer. Even if it takes a few days, I always come through with a well thought out, carefully considered response.

4.) Reading and writing. My father recalls me walking up the driveway with my nose buried in a book lengthier than any kindergartener should be reading on their first day of school.

In a karmic twist of fate merely hours after this conversation with my parents, an industry contact asked me if I would write her blog. Then a week later, another business contact asked if I would guest post on his blog- he’s now a contributor at the Huffington Post and a best selling author.

And just like that…. I knew what I had to do. My path to entrepreneurship began as an organic extension of my life’s circumstances. The universe was screaming the answer back to me. Loud and clear.

JCMc Enterprises became a legally registered business a few months later, clients came a‘knocking in a way that still makes me feel humbled and truly blessed, and I launched my own blog which is an eclectic combo of all the pieces I have had the pleasure of working on and some new stuff just for you.

Feel free to check out my blog or to drop me a line…. I’d love to hear from you.